Bug: Docking with multiple monitors

We are seeing a bug when a user has a laptop that has a docking station an and extended desktop via a display connected to the dock. If a conversation window was last opened on the extended desktop and then closed the position is remember. If then the device is undocked the position is restored off-screen to a location which does not exit. A resolution check needs to added when creating a new chat window or detection of a resolution change to automatically move the windows to the primary display. This issue can been seen with both versions 2.5.8 and 2.6.0 beta 2

Please, test this with the latest SVN version from http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1822 (spark-installer.exe).

Tested the SVN build and it does detect the presence of multiple monitors. The window does move to the primary frame but none of the fields are present, see here: http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/8536/sparkmultimonitorbug.jpg

Do you mean this grey rectangle is what you get when you try to open recent conversation which was previously open on an extented display?



The 11/9 SVN release seems to have corrected this issue.

Ok. Closing for now.