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Bug fix - Openfire cannot handle certain characters

Hello, I have fix for a bug in the JID.java file that needs to go into the product.

To reproduce the issue you need to enter either “¸” or " ˘ " into the username field of the fastpath webchat. When you use these characters and click the “Send Message” button it will not connect to an agent.

Dubugging the source code showed that openfire server was not capable of handling there characters.

These are just two example characters that didn’t work but there are many and is therefore an important fix for a multilingual product.

I have attached a patch for this and using I’m using version 3.6.4.

Let me know if you need more information.

You can get extra information at:





read-throttle.patch.zip (2156 Bytes)

Hello, has there been any update on raising a jira against this?



I have looked at this thread, but i see 3.6.4 mentioned and this is the old source version. This should probably be done against the latest code, but as i’m not a developer myself, i can’t say exactly. Maybe 3.7.2 alpha or something.

Thanks for responding Wroot. I need one of the developers to advise me on what to do here. I was hopng that one of the developers could look at my change and patch it into the latest version.

I look forward to hearing from one of the developers on the process I need to take here.

Howdy, I have elevated your privs in Jira, so you can file this there and any others as you see fit. Assign it to Guus.