Bug for switching to dialog with new message

When new messages are received and the Spark icon is clicked on the taskbar, there is no transition to the user from whom the new message was received, and the wrong user is shown in the preview window.

Steps to reproduce:

  • (step 0) I have two opened dialogs (Anton first and Vera second).
  • (step 1) Vera sent me a message, Spark flashed in the taskbar.
  • (steps 2-3) When you hover the mouse over the Spark icon, it looks like a message from Anton.
  • (step 4) When you click on the Spark icon and focus on its window, it is only at this moment that you can see that the messages are from Vera. At the same time, the transition to the Vera’s message does not occur.

Spark 3.0.2 (and Spark 3.0.3-Snapshot).
Windows 10 Pro 22H2.