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Bug : Gateway icons not avaliable on 2.5.0

Gateway icons/buttons don’'t show on 2.5.0 as it was in 2.0.8. As a result, it is impossible to subscribe to a gateway.

Previous subscribed gateways are working nonetheless.

Describe your working environment in more details (OS, server version, network structure, which transports are in use, Spark error.log, Openfire error.log, etc.). Cause i see gateway (using only ICQ currently) icon in Spark 2.5.0. Though i’'m using latest available versions of Openfire (beta 1) and Gateway (beta plugin for Openfire), but as i remember it was working with Wildfire 3.2.3 too.

I have 3 gateway icons in my spark in 2.5.0

MSN,ICQ & AOL… seems to be working fine too.