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Bug in dailybuild (14.04.2003) AccountManager

doesn’'t set the password in the latest build

it works with the same source code with latest stable smack.jar


Is there an error, or does it just not work?



when i create a new account:

stable smack.jar:

works out of the box. the server creates the username.xml file on the server. can logon the server after account creation.

latest build:

the server creates the username.xml file, but there is a hashcode inside, no password. so i cant login after i made the new account.

didn’'t look at it longer, i thought thats a known thing cause of unstable build.

u need exact info, or is it a known problem?

thx for the lib



Hmm, I can’‘t see how this might happen. Can you paste in some of the code you’‘re using (use a block without spaces)? I can only assume that you’'re passing in a hashed value as the password to createAccount.