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Bug in jwchat client?

All, I’m customizing jwchat client, during the testing Jwchat in both firefox and IE 7, I found there seems a bug in Jwchat.

In the jwchat roster window, when you go to change the status message on the top, the change will be persistent in IE when you log in next time. but it’s not persistent in firefox. I looked into the code, Jwchat will try to store the current message to IM server when you close the roster window. However, the generated IQ message format is slightly different:

in IE 7: iq.xml=<availablepersistent here?

in firefox:iq.xml=<presence xmlns=""><available<onlmsg** xmlns=""**>persistent here?

the code are same, you can see both presence and onlmsg’s namesapce changed in firefox, which may be the cause why status message didn’t get saved in openfire server side.

Anybody know this issue?