Bug in sharing groups in rosters

I’‘ve created a new group “Sales”, selected "Show group in all users’’ rosters", then “Save Settings”.

Now when I go back to edit that group I’‘ve switched to using "Show group to members’’ rosters of these groups:", then selected a bunch of other groups that should see these people, but specifically we don’‘t want anyone in the “Sales” group to chat with each other so I did not select them in the list of groups. Wildfire doesn’'t honour the fact that I did not select the “Sales” group and still shows that group to everyone in it.

This is working for other groups that were not selected, they don’'t see the “Sales” group.

Can this be fixed?



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probably one will fix the documentation as described here: JM-691

While I would also like to see this working as currently described and not that the documentation is changed.


Hey Dan,

The feature you are requesting is filed as JM-802. Feel free to vote for it so you can raise its priority. For Wildfire 3.1 I will try to update the documentation and remove the group from the groups list so there is no more confusion.


– Gato

I hadn’'t realized I was making a request for a new feature.

However, I must admit that I some what figured that it wasn’'t designed as I was trying to use it. Thanks for posting it to jira, and I have just voted for it!!

Everyone go vote for this!