Bug in smackx file: DiscoverInfo.java?

Hello –


Looks like there is a bug in …/smackx/packet/DiscoverInfo.java line 65. The method “Iterator getFeatures” should be declared as “public”.


I was using the smackx discovery services api and wanted to use the disco#info to get features for pubsub related elements. When I used the ServiceDiscoveryManager.discoverInfo(), I got back a DiscoveryInfo object which appeared to have all of the features in the object, but there was no getFeatures() method for accessing them. In looking at the source code, it appears that there is a getFeatures() method, but it had no public/protected/private declaration which means it defaulted to non-public.

I’m guessing this is a typo and that the method should be declared public.

Logged as SMACK-327.