[BUG] Location of download directory, Spark 2.6.0 RC1 / 2.5.8

In Spark 2.6.0 RC1 Download Directory for File Transfer is always set to the “very first user account” logged after installation of Spark. Must be the same case with 2.5.8 as that was initial version I have installed and tested with different accounts (I was not testing File Transfer). This affects both Linux and Windows clients.

It may look like this is a global/application-wise option, but if that was the case it should not set download directory within /Users/user@domain structure in first place.


I agree that the current path is not ok and also i think it is a global/application-wise option. Described my suggestion in the ticket.

Sounds good. Completely agree that this is on per OS-user basis so making it sort of OS-profile dependent (by default) will do the trick.

provided Patch for SPARK-1208, but can only test on Windows atm

someone should test on linux

what this Patch does:

moves the default location from: %appdata%/spark/users/blabla@blabla.org/

to - windows %HOMEPATH%/My Documents/Downloads

  • linux /home/user/dowloads/

  • mac /home/user/downloads/

edit: tested on MacOSX10.6.6 with java1.6.0_22

Will test later on on Ubuntu 10.10

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