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[BUG] Openfire don't send presence information to the resource which generated it


sorry if it’s the wrong place, but it’s really complicated to report a bug here ! And on the issue tracker, it’s said to report it on the forum.

Any way, Openfire (3.7.0) doesn’t return presence information to the resource which generated it, and according to RFC 6121 #4.4.2, it MUST do it:

The user’s server MUST also send the presence stanza to all of the

** user’s available resources (including the resource that generated the**

** presence notification in the first place).**

I tested it with the xml console of gajim:


test presence

(And now openfire should broadcast the presence to everybody including me, but it doesn’t)

OF-454. What is complicated about reporting bugs in the forums? We just want to keep bug tracker clean. Once one has reported a few detailed bugs we can give a ticket creation permission.

Thanks for creating the issue.

Well, usually when I want to report a bug: I go to the issue tracker, create an account, and report it.

Here I did the same, when I tried to create an account I couldn’t create for openfire. I after read that I had to post on the forum (OK, that’s my fault: I should have read all the page before).

So I had to create an other account here, which looks like a social network and ask for many informations (IMHO only an email should be necessary, to avoid spam and be notified of bug evolution). Ok, for sure I don’t have to answer everything…

After I don’t know where I should post: I don’t understand the interface, and I don’t want to loose too much time with it cause I’m not interested in anything else than reporting the bug.

When I try to create a new post, I have many choices, I choose “discussion” but I only see “private discussion” which is not what I want.

I finally found a way to go to openfire-dev, but should I write in openfire-dev or openfire support ? Ok, all of this is maybe obvious for you, but remember it’s the first time I use this interface, and I’m only interested in reporting the bug (and maybe help to fix it).

I finally have a form for my post (which hopefully will go to the right place), but the script seems to catch my right click, which is really annoying to paste the code.

So it seems a bit too complicated for something which should not take more than a couple a minutes, including creating account.

It’s maybe just because I’m used to the bugzilla/create account/report workflow (after all, lot of people are lost with bugzilla),

Anyway, I’ll know how to do the next time

I agree this can be a bit confusing for a new user to start here. Though i think most of the users here start with the forums account for asking support questions, so they are more used to the system and report issues in the forums. All those fields in the register form are really not required and are left for those who want to be more social here (actually i can’t even disable them) After all we are using Jive SBS (Social Business Software) as a backend for the forums here.

Not sure how can we explain new users how the forums work. I have just put another announcement on top of the forums explaining how to report bugs. Hope 2% of new users will read it

Btw, as i have reported dozens of bugs for various projects in my life, i must say that forums approach for reporting bugs is a common thing.

As about bug tracker being closed for new users, we are currently asking for a feedback in this poll http://community.igniterealtime.org/polls/1037

Does this mean 3.7.0 won’t work with Jingle?

I am currently fighting with development of an external component as a Jingle/SIP gateway and can’t get my gtalk client to “see” my jingle capabilities.

I had the same problem here…

Well, it might not be the solution or even create traffic issues, but a work arround that managed my problem is to send your own presence everytime you receive a presence notification.

Another issue is that doing that (at least the way I did) you’ll always turn your status to OnLine, unless you keep track on the current status.

Since I don’t use (for now) statuses other than Connected and Disconnected, this won’t cause me trouble.

Using Strophe library it would be something like:

Create a handler for that:

conn.addHandler(on_presence, null, “presence”);

function on_presence(presence) {



Hope it helps