Bug: PluginManager

Bug while loading/unloading plugins:

Method PluginMonitor.run() (private class in openfire/container/PluginManager.java ) converts the filename of a *.jar file to lowercase. Later when deleting the plugin again this lowercase name is used to delete the *.jar file. This doesn’t work on systems where filenames are case sensitive, e.g. Linux/Unix.

String pluginName = jarFile.getName().substring(0,
                        jarFile.getName().length() - 4).toLowerCase();

This bug includes for example the PacketFilter plugin, see bug report there.

Confirmed for:

Openfire 3.4.5

Openfire 3.4.4

Openfire 3.4.1 (checked source code only)


Convert the plugins *.jar file to lowercase your self and delete the plugin via admin console. Another way is to delete the *.jar file manually. Both works while Openfire is running, too.


Low, since an easy workaround is available.


Is this solved now? I don’t find any issue for this in the issue tracker.

Hey man, it’s not fixed yet, but the JIRA issue I created in the past is here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/JM-1303

Ah…it was filed the whole time…however I didn’t found it. Thanks for the link.