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Bug: PushNotificationManager


I want to implement the Push Notification serivce into my Android app.
Before I called the method to enable the service, I wanted to check if the service is available on the server, but I got back “false”. The expected result should be “true”, because the mod_push and mod_push_keepalive is enabled by default in the ejabberd.yml. The used version is 17.09 (ejabberd).

I´ve opened an issue on GitHub, where I described the problem: https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/issues/2045

The result is that the push service is working and Smack returns the wrong value. Checked manually with Gajim. The output is postet here: https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/issues/2045#issuecomment-335836323

So it seems that the bug is related to the Smack API.

EDIT: The push service is working with the Smack API. I enabled the push service and after I send a message to a client, which is offline, the Push Notification item is published to the node.

So isSupportedByServer() now also returns true?

This method always returns false in my case.
But it would be great, to check if the service is available on the server and then enable the push mode.

The method ( pushNotificationsManager.enable(pushJid, node, publishOptions); ), where I can enable the push mode works well and all offline messages are published to this node, which was set.

Confirmed, created SMACK-780.