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Bug Report: Broadcast messages sent do not show up in chat history

Problem: When sending a broadcast message, the message does not show up in the chat history for the respective recipient’s logs.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Broadcast a message to one or more contacts.

  2. Open the contact’s chat history.

  3. Message that was sent does not appear.

Versions Affected: 2.5.8

I think it’s not a bug, but just implemented in that way. Broadcasts are some what special messages, not peer-to-peer chatting. Personally i use them for some periodic warnings, reminders and dont have a need to save them. So i’m not sure should i fill that issue in JIRA. Can you name clients that do save outgoing broadcasts in personal chat history?

I understand that position for Alert Notifications, since they are for that purpose. But, I consider Broadcast Message as a method for sending a regular message to multiple users. They CAN (and do) respond to these messages, and those responses come into chat history, but there is no record of what was sent to them that spawned the new discussion. That is why I would consider it a bug.

I have not used other clients that have the broadcast functionality, so I can’t comment on how those are handled. I believe that if a user has not disabled history, then they wish to log every message that goes in and out of their client.

I undestand your points. I think we have to wait for Daniel (jadestorm) to comment on this and maybe create a fix ticket in JIRA. Because i’m not sure about the impact on the resources when sending a broadcast to hundreds of users and Spark appending message to hundreds of transcripts.

VaidTalon wrote:

But, I consider Broadcast Message as a method for sending a regular message to multiple users.

Agreed, regular msg to multi users account for 70% of our daily IM usage. Why? Managers need to distribute info to subordinates. Departmental info exchange that all member must be noticed. Admin Dept sending out notice memo. Team member reporting matters and CC to all concerned parties… many many purposes of importance and definitely not to be missed.

This thread is about that broadcast are not written in senders history, all recipients are getting broadcasts normally.


Is there any updated information about this request?


Any movement? ICQ 2003 does this!!!

Again. This thread is about saving broadcast message on the sender’s side. This means, if you send a broadcast message to 500 users, Spark will have to open and write 500 history transcripts files at once. I’m not sure this is right in the resource handling and stability perspective, so i won’t create a ticket for this so far. I will try to contact cstux (the main code contributor now) and ask his opinion on that matter.

Thanks wroot

I understand it’s a big write - but it’s hard to convince people to move to it when something over 6 years old can do it. We’re trying to move people to FOSS that has such a great feature set!

Keep us posted!


broadcast messages are sent by openfire, likely from “serveralert@xmpp.domain”. So if you want to view the broadcasts you may want to add this JID to your roster and then take a look at the “chatlog”.


I think he’s talking about the internal Spark’s broadcast feature, which i think is sending a bulk of single messages bypassing the server’s broadcasting service.


well, that makes more sense. So I think one should create a case for it as the receiver will likely find these messages in his chat log.


We have spoke with cstux and i have filed SPARK-1051 . Not as a bug, but as an improvement. He said he will fix it. Also he mentioned that after sending a message to 5000 recipients (in one broadcast) it will take approximately 4 sec’s to write this message to all history files. Not as bad as i expected, though i think this could vary on different machines.