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Bug Report : Problem with Arabic characters when creating group name


It seems that almost all the parts support UTF-8 and Arabic texts, but I wonder why it doesn’‘t work when I enter a group of friend’'s name in Arabic. it stores this wrongly in DB like this : ???

Also as I was searching arround, it seems that it stores offline messages with the same problem too!

when I corrected the fields in MySQL database manualy, it showed correctly, so it seems the problem is with Spark sending this to Wildfire, or maybe in Wildfire storing this to DB.

Also I would like to know if it’'s possible to change the date format in chat window to show Hijri Ghamari calendar and not the georgian calendar.



I wonder why after that long time you posted this, there isn’t a single reply !!!

got my openfire box Installed on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, MySQL DB and having the same issue with Arabic (in Archiving)

Users can communicate well and Spark clients type and read Arabic wery well.

but when viewing message Archive, all Arabic characters are “???”