Bug? - Room names case sensitive w/ some clients - errors for all clients

I’‘m not sure where the problem occurs, I believe it’'s caused by a misbehaving client, but it creates an issue on the server that affects every client. The admin console can be made to show the same room twice. The problem is with the room id and case. If the room is all lower case, and the client joins the room using a capitalized room name, the issue occurs. I assume that any mixture of case causes the error. My testing was only with capialization.

To re-create bug.

  • create room with admin console - room name “test”

  • joining that room as “test” works with all clients. Using room name “Test” with gaim or spark works properly.

  • attempt to join room with jwchat (1.02) or Adium (.89) using room name “Test”

  • Observe in GUI room list now shows 2 rooms named “test”

  • Database will show only a single row for room “test” in MucRoom

  • A room list (from gaim) will show 2 rooms - named “test” and “Test”

  • A client can join room “Test”, and see all chats. Trying to send messages to the room yields error:

“Message delivery to Test@jabber.org failed: (Code 406)”

  • A reboot of the server clears the phantom room.

I’'m supporting multuple different clients. Gaim is fine, as is Spark. But Adium and JWchat both cause the problem if my end user simply capitalizes the room name. Once I get a phantom room, anyone can join it, even by accident. My server is just beginning to be used and this is the largest support issue I have with my end users.

Occurs with 3.11, not tested with 3.2

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