[Bug] S2S Overview, Software version not visible in admin console

In 4.7.1 no Software Version is displayed:

Where back in 4.5.6 it was visible:

I think it might be at line 191 in server-session-details.jsp where .getSoftwareVersion() was changed to .softwareVersion.

                        <c:when test="${not empty inSessions and not empty inSessions.toArray()[0].softwareVersion}">
                            <c:set var="softwareVersion" value="${inSessions.toArray()[0].softwareVersion}"/>
                        <c:when test="${not empty outSessions and not empty outSessions.toArray()[0].softwareVersion}">
                            <c:set var="softwareVersion" value="${outSessions.toArray()[0].softwareVersion}"/>
                            <c:set var="softwareVersion" value=""/>

I have created [OF-2481] - Ignite Realtime Jira

This issue should be fixed in the upcoming Openfire 4.7.3 release.

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