BUG: Spark 2.6 RC1 - Client URL bookmarks

It appears that using a file path for a URL bookmark is not working in Spark 2.6 RC1. It does work in 2.5.

In the openfire server I have the Client Management plugin installed. In the URL bookmarks section, I have a bookmark with the url of “file://s:\getmachinename.vbs”. This file is on a network share with open permissions. The title of the bookmark shows up in the client side but when clicked, it doesn’t do anything. I have verfied the file exists and is working on that shared drive. Can anyone else confirm this?


I too am having trouble with 2.6 RC1 (latest INSTALL4J release 11392) launching a file (exe) URL bookmark for Windows Remote Assistance:


Hopefully this is fixed in RC2 or in the final release as I’d like to deploy these kinds of bookmarks to all our users.

*@Wolf Posdorfer said here http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/210472#210472: *

it could be related to mixing backslashes and slashes

as by java conventions, there should only be slashes and no backslashes

try " file:///C:/Program%20Files/ " for example if that still doesnt work, i guess i have to look into this again

And this fixed it for me!