Bug: Spark Download Directory

I have changed the download location in settings.xml for Spark 1.1.1 to a different location but Spark still downloads file transferst to


Hi Mike,

this seems to be a value Spark creates and writes to the settings.xml file. It would do no good to try to use a path which contains “\t” because this leads to a tab inside the filename. So this entry is completely useless and also buggy in my opinion.

One must use either “
t” or “/t” as a valid path. ==> Bug[/b]

(\t would apply as soon as you have a user called teddy)


I also have a user that tried just “D:” He uses the drive for all his downloads and its the same way.


Confirmed issue. This will be fixed in the 1.1.2 release. You can track the issue with SPARK-238.