BUG: Special characters in MSN password crashes application?

Hi Guys,

I’m very new to the world of Spark and Openfire, but so far I have been extremely impressed with the software. However, today I came across a bit of a problem, when I tried logging into MSN via Spark 2.5.8. Until today, I’ve not had any problems, but following a password change, which now incorporate special characters such as ‘!’ and ‘&’, I am unable to access MSN using such a password.

I’ll need to do a bit more testing in the hopes of providing additional information, but I was wondering, if anybody else has experienced something similar?

Having done a search on the forums, I didn’t quite find a bug report similar to this, but should it already be known, then please feel free to delete this message.

Best regards,

Henrik Lang


Milestone Systems

I think this is an IM Gateway issue not a Spark issue, but, i have come across this problem before and it’s definitely related to special characters.

Couldn’t find a Jira issue for it though.