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Bug: UNC path links don''t work in Spark 2.53 (Windows)

UNC paths using the
someserver\share format appear as links, but don’'t work in Spark. However, the file://someserver/share format does work. I know this is a pretty minor bug, but I thought it should be reported

It’'s possibly because windows as a registered handler for file:// so it just works as its passed to the browser and dealt with?

where as
doesnt automatically get passed to the browser, therefore nothing happens.

except maybe spark locking up

so perhaps if Spark recieves a message containing
fileserver\share it should replace it with file:

Yes. That’'s exactly the behavior I would expect.

file:// is the proper scheme for the link, but it’'s not commonly used by Windows users. This is the same behavior as displaying www.igniterealtime.org, but linking to http://www.igniterealtime.org. Any string that begins with
should be transformed to begin with file://.

It might also be good to replace the backslashes () with slashes , but I think the scheme prefix is the only necessary replacement.

Hooray! This bug appears to be fixed in Spark 2.5.5