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Bug: Widget: Who's Online


I did personalize the home page and did add the Who’s Online widget. I did select to display 5 online users but it does display only three users.

Maybe only three users are online … but as there is a “View all Online Users” link I thougt it would make sense to klick on it. It takes me to http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/people?view=status but there the Top contributors are listed.

I would like name this “bug 1”.

As there is a link for Online Users I did click it again, and there I see that 26 people are online. So there is a big difference between 3 and 26 online users which one may want to explain or name it “bug 2”


I have set it to 5 and ity shows me 4 users out of ~10

Finally it shows 5 Anyway, it would be a lot better to be able to specify who do you want to see in that widget.


yeah, it may be nice to have more configuration options, like [x] Show only friends.

Anyhow I wonder if this problem occurs only after adding this widget. The last times I did look at it it did always display five users. Anyhow the users are displayed in a random order, so currently it’s not very useful.


While i was testing it never show me such number of users that i have specified (10 - 15). But after some number of refreshes it starts to show more correct results.

I have even more suggestions for widgets improvements. But i’m too lazy to go to Clearspace forums, and i dont think someone will take a look at them here. I mean, from the CS team.

Of course they do take a look here, or one does forward them interesting threads. But to get official answers like “this is a great idea” one does indeed need to post it in the CS forum. Maybe there’s already a similar feaure request.