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Bugs: 2.2.0 Beta1

Here are some issues that I encountered setting up Jive Messenger

  1. jive-messengerd reference to MESSENGER_HOME/bin/messenger,

However, the filename under should be messenger.sh. The file name or

the script should changed one way or another.

  1. After setting up the startup script, Messenger can start properly.

However, when executing /etc/init.d/jive-messengerd stop failed.

Here is the error Log.

  1. Error starting server listener on port 5269: Address already in use

Error starting component listener on port 10015: Address already in use

Error starting XMPP listener on port 5222: Address already in use

Error starting SSL XMPP listener on port 5223: Address already in use

Jive Messenger 2.2.0 Beta 1

  1. Error starting admin console: Multiple exceptions

  2. The startup script fails to start Jive Messenger properly.

Iā€™'ve tested it with Redhat 8.0/90/EL4 with the same issue.


ā€“ Scott