Bugs found in version OSX 2.5.8

Hello all, I have no idea if this is where bug reports are supposed to go. If I’m wrong, let me know and I’ll be sure to post in the appropriate spot from now on.

On OSX client running 10.5.4, Spark build 2.5.8 working with Openfire server 3.5.2:

1.) If you click on the “Capture and send anything you see on your screen.” button, the Desktop hides all applications, but after using marquee to select an area, the Desktop goes black. The only way to see your desktop again is to Apple-Q out of Spark hoping you didn’t click off the application by mistake. You need to be in Spark to quit and return to your desktop.

2.) The Spark menu bar dropdown will not update your status in Spark correctly if you are changing the status to “Available”. It works for every other status option. Its just 'Available" it appears unable to set correctly.

3.) If you are marked as away due to being Idle, typing a new message doesn’t automatically change you to available, or whatever your pressence was set to before going Idle. This may be standard, just not sure.

Hope some of this helps. I’ll be testing a lot with OSX and Win as I look into rolling this out to my team first, and possibly our entire organization.



One more sorry:

3.) If a Voice call is initiated from the Mac, the call fails and the entire Spark application crashes. The recieving client just shows the call failing and the initiator goign offline.