Bugs with Chat Rooms

I have found two bugs in the chat rooms, running WF 3.0.1 under Server 2003 with LDAP authentication and an external MS SQL 2005 DB for user info. Spark is being used as the client software.

  1. When creating a persistent chat room with an apostrophe in the name, it does not show up in the list of chats and appears to be destroyed immediately after the owner leaves. I believe it is an issue with escaping quotes in the string for the room title – and if so it might be a security vulnerability as well.

  2. This one is pretty major for us, as we are trying to roll this out for support and team management in a corporate environment; it deals with moderation within chat rooms and the ability to grant and remove moderator privledges:

  • Create a chat room (unmoderated), join it.

  • Bring a normal user into the room.

  • Right-click and configure the chat room, mark it as moderated.

  • The non-moderator user can speak! Have the user exit and re-enter the room. They have no voice, as it should be.

  • Grant the user moderator privleges. They can now speak, as expected.

  • Revoke their moderator privleges. They can still speak, again! Re-entering will solve this issue.

A viable workaround would be to add the ability to select multiple users in chat room, and then right-click and de-voice them them at once, but it doesn’'t currently work that way.

Any feedback, workarounds, or open bug/idea trackers would be greatly appreciated!