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Build a transport with Smack

Hi I want to build a new transport for using some sms services from Jabber. Is Smack suitable for this purpose? Do you have any idea if there is a better tool or library for doing this in Java?

Thank you in advance.


If you are talking about cellular phones’’ SMS, I think Smack is a good way to succeed. I am currently developing an SMS/WAP chat application relying an a Jabber server and it seems not to be so bad. I am coding a Smack client that will be interfaced with an SMS client that connects to an SMS server. Smack is very usefull because it provides a support for all the XMPP functionalities without having knowledges in XMPP.

After all, it depends about your application aims. Is it just a transport application to link a cellular network to a Jabber network, or something else?



my intention is to build a transport so a jabber user can send messages to a cellular phone. The architecture is that I have a web service capable of sending sms and I want through my jabber client to send messages to this web service and these messages become sms. I think I ll give smack a try, it seems easy and powerful.


As Smack enables you to parse XMPP packet easily, I think you will have no difficulties to feed your web application, and if you have one, Smack’'s developers are very helpful. Good luck


I too am interested in building a Smack client (running on a PC) that can text chat with a cellular user. Any help would be appreciated.