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Building an "Auto-Away" feature by reading from Calendar?

Hello to all,

I’‘ve been pouring through the JiveSoftware site and the forums… I really like what I see here and can see the WildFire/Spark solution working very well for my small company. I haven’‘t looked through the documentation yet, but I’'d like to ask this question anyway:

Can I programmatically hook WildFire/Spark into an Exchange-type server, like Zimbra or Scalix, so that it “knows” when a user has an appointment/conference and can set the user’'s away message to portray that? If no feature exists, can I program WildFire/Smack to do so?

Thanks in advance for any direction here!


I’‘m not aware of any office integration. The Asterisk-IM plugin (for the companies using Asterisk and VoIP) updates the IM-status with “On The Phone”. That’'s not the plugin you want to use but maybe the one you want to look at as an example.

In Asterisk you must setup a special admin account which can access the state of the phones, to access the calendars of all users within Zimbra/Scalix/Exchange/Notes you may do something similar and then write a plugin to do this.


PS: I’'d prefer a calendar in Wildfire so one can also schedule IM conferences and notify the participants. But this will be much harder to realize as the calendar entries should be synchronized.

I’‘ll be sure to take a long look at the Asterik plugin. As long as I would be able to program something like this, I’'d be happy.


Have you used Tivo before? When it needs to change the channel to start recording (something you’‘ve already scheduled), it pops up an alert to notify you that it’'s going to change the channel and gives you a chance to cancel that action. We were thinking that a Spark plugin could do something much the same for meeting integration. It would do the same thing to indicate coming back from the meeting.