Building asterisk-im

Not sure if this is the right forum or not… I’'m trying to build the latest svn code for the asterisk-im plugin, and have some questions.

First, the build.xml script as shipped results in dependency errors (I believe the dependency is on smack.jar) - I tweaked the build script to pull that jar, and now everything compiles fine.

However, the jar file created (asterisk-im.jar) doesn’‘t appear to be correct. It is only about 10% of the size of the jar on the download page, and fails to deploy when copied in to the \plugins directory. The error I’'m getting is:

Error loading plugin

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.jivesoftware.database.DbConnectionManager.closeResultSet(Ljava/sql/ResultSe t;)V

Comparing the download jar with the jar resulting from build.xml, I’'m seeing that there are a bunch of jar files included in the download distro. Is this the standard procedure? Include dependant jars then have the wildfire container explode them out and add them to the classpath?

If so, shouldn’‘t these dependencies be included in build.xml? I’‘d be happy to tweak build.xml to do this - I just want to make sure I’'m doing the correct thing.


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Looks like the new 1.1 plugin doesn’'t require those extra libaries - but it has to be run with Wifi 2.6.0 - that was my mistake.

There is still a problem with build.xml missing the smack.jar dependency.

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Im not sure why you are getting a database error.

Right now asterisk-im does require that you have wildfire checked out to build. It should be at the same level as your asterisk-im checkout.

Also when I am working on asterisk-im i usually do the following

  1. in wildfire

ant jar

ant run

  1. in asterisk-im

ant deploy (builds to the target/plugins directory of wildfire)

Thanks. The database error was just sillyness on my part (I had placed the jar from the SVN a-im into an older version of Wifi - no biggie).

The ant task for the aterisk-im build did need to be tweaked to build out correctly.

It seems like a-im related development posts are happening over in the a-im support forum, so I posted the patch for the ant build.xml file over there early last week:


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