Building IM-Plugin Eclipse

I last built the gateway plugin when it was included in the openfire source code. Now as a seperate project i cant seem to get it to build using eclipse and the provided build scripts. Most notably immediatley after importing from subversion i am told it is missing the serlet lib, yet even after including this i am having no luck, anyone got a clue, cause clearly i dont

I’m afraid I don’t use eclipse and generally find it a pain to set up, so hopefully someone who is used to it will be able to help you with some advice!

Also note that it’s expected that you have it checked out alongside openfire. It should be able to find libraries from the Openfire dist.

Hey, thanks for the quick replay, it apears the issues was caused by the configuration of ant, maybe you can give me a pointer here, cause how i solved it is really not clean, but i basically had to include a whole bunch of directors in the ant class path for things to work. Pretty cool how the build for the im gateway is setup to be honest, busy replicating the structure in some other plugins i am writing.

The directories in included where to do with the jasper2 jsp compiler, so i included the jasper compiler, jasper runtime, servlets.jar, the dom parser etc etc.