Building just my plugin in Eclipse

I’m trying to build just my one plugin in eclipse. I know the “plugins” ant target works fine, but I would like a way to simply build just my specified plugin. How do I modify the “plugin” ant target to point to my specific plugin? Thanks in advance…

You can build only one specific plugin by specifying an ant variable with the name “plugin” and a value of whatever directory your plugin is in i.e. “myplugin”.

Hope that helps,


I am completely new to Ant scripts. So I just changed all "${plugin} in the below code (from the plugin section of the Ant script) to the name of my plugin: “myPlugin”.

original Ant Script:

    <antcall target="openfireHome"/>

New Ant script:

    <antcall target="openfireHome"/>

And it seems to work. However, this can’t be the best coding practice. Is there a better/more elegant way to do this?


I’m sure there is something somewhere in the eclipse docs on how to add a variable to use in your ant script. In IntelliJ I can right click on the ant file then “Add Property”.