Building sparkplugs

I tried using ant to build my sparkplug, but when I installed my plugin, Spark didn’t notice. Here are the steps I did:

  1. Write
  2. Place it in: sparkplugs\builder\src. (The sparkplug kit can be found here.)
  3. In the command line run “ant jar”. Works fine once I told ANT where to look for javac.
  • I attached the “plugin.xml” file I used for reference.
  • A “myPlugin.jar” folder magically appears in the builder folder which I then place into “Program Files\Spark\plugins”
  • I run spark and it doesn’t work.

So I have taken other people’s plugins and installed them, so the problem obviously is not with Spark. I have put all the steps here with the files I have used. Hope you can help me out.