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[builds] Nightly or Milestone release?

Hello everybody,

I saw that there are nightlies available for download. I’'d like to know which of the builds I should use. The nightly builds are off-course very new and not tested. But have there been very big bugs in the nightly builds?

I normally use the last builds, and rarely have big problems in those software. The last build is from 26 august, does anyone use this build?

A last very interesting question, are there any API changes between builds? Or are the only additions and bugfixes?


Mark Monster


We’‘re getting fairly close to a new 1.2.0 release, so I’'d definitely recommend the daily builds right:

  • It has tons of new features.

  • It’'s stable since the official release is pretty close.



Hey Matt,

Thanks, I will download the nighly right away.


Mark Monster