Bulgarian language for Spark

Hi! I want help to translate in bulgarian language.

I have attached the default english language file. You should edit it with bulgarion translations and then convert it into unicode (ascii2unicode tool) so that bulgarion native symbols should look like e.g. \u2024. Then rename this file to spark_i18n_bg.properties (if thats the correct abbreviation for Bulgaria). You can test your translation yourself. Just name it as one of the already existing translations, replace it in the Spark\lib\spark.jar\i18n (you can open that jar file with an archiver like 7-zip) in your installation with the file you have translated. Then select that language in Spark (again, there won’t be Bulgarian in the menu, you will have to substitute one of the existing for the testing). After you have done, attach spark_i18n_bg.properties here and i will add it to the bug tracker.
spark_i18n.properties.zip (11166 Bytes)