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Buzz Feature in Spark

The latest Spark betas have included a new “buzz” feature to get the attention of someone you are chatting with. People seem to react strongly to the feature and I wanted to see how people are feeling about it.

Do you like the buzz feature? Why or why not?



Hi Greg,

the Buzz button is big and one may press it accidentally as it’'s located between the emotion and the spell check buttons.

As I don’‘t use it I can’'t say whether it is useful or useless.


Thanks LG! The button definitely needs to be moved and made smaller so that it isn’'t an accident waiting to happen.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the feature?



We have played with my coworker with BUZZ a little. So it’'s nice thing, but maybe just for a while. As i dont really see any useful thing in it at the moment. So i agree that this button should be moved aside of main controls. Maybe even on the right side of the chatwindow toolbar? Maybe on the top toolbar (near history, screenshot, etc.)?

BTW, is the some command for this feature? I mean, could i type somthing to make the Buzz? So then i wouldnt need to grab mouse and can be buzzing while chating. Or maybe even users with other clients could be buzzing Spark users Though i dont know if this could be useful either

We’'ve been trying buzz for a while now, it has potential.

My biggest use case is when someone isn’‘t paying attention to spark/can’‘t see the window and so they’'re not seeing my message. I have to yell across the room to get their attention, not very nice!

I think buzz in windows should flash the task bar button to show notification and also, activate the tab of the person who buzzed you as the current tab. Currently you need to switch back to the window and then search the tabs looking for the BUZZ word to see who did it.

With regards to the button, i can see the issue with it being next to all those others where it might be accidentally pressed but you don’‘t wanna move it somewhere odd… perhaps aligning just that button to the right of the window would be a better idea. So it goes (Left hand side: Smiley’'s, Spell Checker) (Right Hand Side: Buzz button).

It’‘s a useful feature, no doubt… i just dont think it’'s being implemented correctly yet.

Thanks wroot and ruxton, this is exactly the type of feedback I was looking for.

Ok, have looked everwhere I can think of but one of my co workers doesn’‘t see the Buzz button, emoicons or spell check? she updated to the latest version as well but doesn’'t see the icons, am I being brain dead?


Take a look in her plugins directory and make sure that she doesn’'t have some old plugins hanging out there. This could cause an error during iterative plugin loading.



Hi Greg!

Buzz is nice.

It does not play a sound on the recipients client. Not sure if this is normal or not but it would be nice if it did. I expected to see a sound selectable in the preferences.

Also - once I buzz someone, the buzz icon is no longer selectable. I have to start a new conversation to do it again.

I am using spark 2.5.4 through OpenFire 3.3.2.



jschmidt wrote:

Also - once I buzz someone, the buzz icon is no longer selectable. I have to start a new conversation to do it again.

I am using spark 2.5.4 through OpenFire 3.3.2.

you have to wait for some time to be able to buzz same person again, this is to prevent bashing

I like the feature. However, I’d like to know how to send a BUZZ to a conference room. This would be used to grab everyone’s attention. Say if the meeting heads down the wrong direction, people are not paying attention, or there are too many people chatting over each other. I’m not looking for anything that would change our server configuration. I would rather get a command that can be typed into the chat window or maybe a future patch.


As I dont see a buzzer button anywhere on my skinned 2.5.8 I was trying to take a look in my \spark\plugins\ Directory. But what are “old plugins”

Could somebody pls get me a list of what plugins are supposed to be there in an uptodate spark install?



I love the buzz feature, it gets people’s attention quickly and I don’t have to fuss around with calling when I need a quick response. Unfortunately in my office, there is a lot of screen clicking and the first buzz is often missed, is there a way I can reduce the wait time before I can have a second buzz? I promise not to abuze the number of buzz’s I send

To reduce the wait time just open a chat window click buzz, then close the window and open a new chat window and buzz again.

Just started using OpenFire and this is the worst thing I have ever seen. How do I disable it. People keep sending attention requests and I’m doing demos on WebEx and these chat windows keep coming up and shaking. Very embarrassing. No matter what anyone says, there is no GOOD use case for this. If someone wants to read your messages they will. If they are busy and ignoring them then so be it.


File > Preferences > Allow users to buzz you. Also, next time don’t revive such an old post.