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Cache Openfire 4.6.1

Boa noite.
Estou verificando os logs do servidores e está mostrando esse aviso:
"WARN [pool-5-thread-1]: org.jivesoftware.util.cache.DefaultCache - Cache Roster was full, shrunk to 90% in 0ms."
Atualmente temos 140 grupos com 1500 de usuários e conectado ao mesmo tempo ficam média de 1.000.
Tem alguma configuração a ser feita para não ocorrer esse alerta?

The default size of the roster cache seems to be to small for your setup. This causes is to be cleaned up regularly (this is what is causing that line to be logged).

You can increase the size of the cache by setting the property cache.username2roster to a value in bytes, for example 10485760 for 10MB.

To review the performance of your caches, you can look at the Openfire Admin console page:

On which file can I change this cache settings?

You can set these as an Openfire System Property in the admin console. I do not remember if you need to restart Openfire for the change to take effect.

Thank you, I will try and let the folks know.