Caching of full names?

Hey guys,

We’‘re having a strange problem. User’'s full names seem to be being cached (as blank).

For example, if a user signs up with a username of “bsmith”, then I see them in my IM client as ‘‘bsmith’’ (I’'ve tried with Spark and Adium - both exhibit the same behaviour).

Now, if I go into the Wildfire admin and give them a proper full name (“Brian Smith”), my IM client doesn’'t update. How do I get it to do so?

I’‘m guessing it’‘s a caching issue - but I don’‘t know where it would be being cached. Restarting the IM client doesn’'t fix it.




do you see this problem with accounts on your roster? As far as I know the buddy name in the roster list is stored in the roster and thus you can change the name for the registered user (this should modify table JIVEUSER) on the server but this should not affect the roster list unless you modify the JIVEROSTER table with SQL.



I didn’‘t add these users to my roster. They are only there because they are members of a group that all our staff see. I don’'t want everyone to have to update the names of everyone individually. Surely they should just update if there is no other full name specified by the customer?