Call forward in red5 sip phone?


I recently started using openfire as i would like to integrate it into a web app which im working on. I would like to know if the red5 sip phone will have a call forward and conference feature soon?

I’m sorry if this question has been asked already, but the search feature is not very freindly.

I can’t speak for the authors, but “call forward” is usually done by your SIP server so it works even when you are not logged in. (which is when you need call forward the most.) Unless you mean call transfer.

You’ll probably find some asterisk-based conference bridge to cover your multiparty call needs without user agent support too.

Hi szocske

Thanks for the useful response, i actually meant call transfer and conference, but mainly a call transfer feature.

Still, I’m not the author, just a user, but if MjSip supports the REFER SIP method, then call transfer should be simple to implement.


MjSIP does support call forward as well as call transfer (not sure if attended, unattended or even both). Personally, I am biased towards doing call handling directly on the PBX and I use the dialplan of asterisk to do all my call routing and use my SIP endpoint as a basic handset. As you might have guessed, I may never implement this feature from SIP and use the Asterisk manager interface instead. However if anyone makes a code contribution, I will glady add it to a pending release