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CALL option from spark client Disappeared


I am new to this forum as well as using Spark

I am facing typical issue like all of a sudden spark “CALL” option not visible. I have tried all the possible things but unable to locate the problem.

CALL option was very much available but i don’t know what went wrong as i have not even updated the existing version of Openfire & Sprak as on Openfire system Internet is not available.

Apart from above issue i would like to know whether i can set following options on Spark by default (automatic)

  1. User status as FREE TO CHAT --> when user logs in it shows status as AVAILABLE i want to make it FREE TO CHAT

  2. Dial Phone option not working, don’t know why

  3. Spark automatic login not happening

I am using (Openfire/Spark) on LAN

If anybody can help me pl to comeout from this …

Just to give you my setup brief

Openfire 3.6.0 installed on Linux machine

Sprak 2.5.8 client install on Desktop machines

Thanks in advance.





Call option only appears when there is other client supporting that feature on the other side.

You can’t setup any default status. This ticket sounds similar SPARK-981

Automatic login should work. Is Spark starting on the system startup? Usually auto-login is unchecked if you logout manually.

You can try the latest SVN version to find out if any of your problems are already fixed.

Thanks for your help. Finally our Call option now visible on every spark client, it seems JAVA not available on the server side hence it was not able to display.

Now its wokring Thanks for your help.

As per your sussgestion i have downloaded the SVM version but its not changing the status automatically. Apart from this my Dial Phone option is not working on spark client its behaving very funny sometime option visible and sometime not. also on LAN its not getting established i don’t know why can help me in this pl.