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CallerID doesnt work in

The toast in the corner is WAY better than the popup, thank you! The Caller ID still doesn’'t display though. It just says “Incoming Call”. Not sure if this is related or not, but I noticed that the xml seems invalid because there was a missing > after calleridname.

Hi Overworked,

Thanks for the bug report. I’'m betting you are right on the money that the xml snafu with callerIDName is causing this issue. Do you have the name associated with the SIP # in the admin? When the name is set, this issue should go away.



BTW, is an internal build, so you must be using a jivesoftware.com account. Please note that any updates via Spark Manager from jivesoftware.com are meant for internal testing, so they are not “live” builds


The call test I did was from my cell phone to my office extension. I have my asterisk server configured to display “Unknown” if its unable to associate a customer id or queue name to the call. I do this by setting callerid=Unknown in my sip.conf for my sip carrier. This gets overriden if the call goes into a queue and I reset it using CALLERID(NAME). My internal users all have callerid=Name assigned in sip.conf as well. I tried setting them in wildfire on the asterisk-im config screen as well and there is no change in behavior. The calleridname is still invalid.