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Calling all the heroes

Hello one and all.

About 2 hours ago I heard about openfire. 1 hour ago I started to read the online documentation. In about an hour or so someone will have turned on an openfire server with Penguin???

It’s my job to make a chat client called fastpath web service work with this project.

What the heck do I do now?

What do I download? What do I install and roughly where? I am using an Apache server.

Where do I put the code to make this thing work in my HTML???

I just need to try and get this chat cleint working using what already exists. Just a basic demo of the thing so that my boss can talk to

someone using htis technology.

I will say this in six foot letters just in case someone is missing the point of this post:


Please do all you can for this poor lost soul. Point me at A and maybe B will floow. Perhaps I will mange C,D and E on my own and get through this…

Thank you all.

try looking at below url, & searching forum on specific fastpath topics