Can a proxy cause an invalid SID (policy violation)?

Hi everybody. I have 2 openfire servers with exactly the same configuration, but one of those is behind an apache proxy (let´s call it SERV). I have no problem with the one without the proxy and exactly every minute the server answer the keep alive message.

Instead when establish a connection with SERV, every 50 seconds I receive an INVALID SID error (policy violation…I suppose due to iperactivity…no sense at all) and the connection is terminated (closed)…and I have to reconnect and receive presences again and again.

I attach the server configuration and the debug sequence of the error.

Reading other posts I tried to add and change this parameters in the configuration to:

xmpp.httpbind.client.requests.max 5

xmpp.httpbind.client.requests.ignoreOveractivity true

Now I have no INVALID SID but an endless activity of messages (like 5 every second) where client and server keep exchanging messages increasing the RID value.

Hope this can help someone to figure out what’s happening