Can an openfire plugin initiate a XMPP (jingle) session between two online users?


I am not so much experienced with XMPP and Jinge and I am doing some research about is it possible an OpenFire plugin to set up a valid jingle session between two connected users.

I understood is not a simple task and I have some ideas but I just want to hear your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.Regards,


I don’t think it’s (easily) possible, because Jingle is a client-to-client protocol.
Maybe the server could initiate the Jingle session in behalf of one client and also accept it in behalf of the other client, but then there’s still the negotiation process, which needs to be done.

E.g. the server cannot know, if a client is behind a firewall and cannot connect to a given stream host. Nor can it know the local streamhost a client might advertise.

Thank you for that answer.

As I said it is just a research and let’s pick the simplest case where the clients are not behind a firewall.

My idea of negotiation is like in the attached picture. But I am not sure if that would work.

Simply because when you negotiate a session between two peers you have roles for them (initiator and responder)

and in our case both peers have responder roles
Do you think this is possible?