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Can change Jitsi VideoBridge to force relay?

I try to read the source.And i found the servers send XML like this:

<transport xmlns="urn:xmpp:jingle:transports:ice-udp:1" ufrag="7g0ug" pwd="50d2095drkciu1f1krjagldbqa">
<candidate foundation="1" component="1" protocol="udp" priority="2130706431" generation="0" id="13" ip="fe80::c66a:b7ff:feae:7dc1" port="5002" type="host" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="2" component="1" protocol="udp" priority="2130706431" generation="0" id="14" ip="" port="5002" type="host" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="3" component="1" protocol="udp" priority="2113937151" generation="0" id="15" ip="fe80::1043:4ff:fe14:523a" port="5002" type="host" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="4" component="1" protocol="udp" priority="2113932031" generation="0" id="16" ip="" port="5002" type="host" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="6" component="1" protocol="udp" priority="1677724415" generation="0" id="17" ip="183.63.90.***" port="31430" type="srflx" rel-addr="" rel-port="5002" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="5" component="1" protocol="udp" priority="2815" generation="0" id="18" ip="121.40.147.***" port="30006" type="relay" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="1" component="2" protocol="udp" priority="2130706430" generation="0" id="19" ip="fe80::c66a:b7ff:feae:7dc1" port="5003" type="host" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="2" component="2" protocol="udp" priority="2130706430" generation="0" id="20" ip="" port="5003" type="host" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="3" component="2" protocol="udp" priority="2113937150" generation="0" id="21" ip="fe80::1043:4ff:fe14:523a" port="5003" type="host" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="4" component="2" protocol="udp" priority="2113932030" generation="0" id="22" ip="" port="5003" type="host" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="6" component="2" protocol="udp" priority="1677724414" generation="0" id="23" ip="183.63.90.***" port="31560" type="srflx" rel-addr="" rel-port="5003" network="0"/>
<candidate foundation="5" component="2" protocol="udp" priority="2814" generation="0" id="24" ip="121.40.147.***" port="30007" type="relay" network="0"/>

So i think i can make Jitsi VideoBridge to force relay by change the response of servers,but i can’t find where to change the code.

best regards.

Jitsi Videobridge bu design is acting as a relay. It is not peer to peer. It mixes the audio, and relays the video of all participants to each participant.

Thanks for reply.Maybe i said not detailed enough.


Now i want to Openfire + jitsi_android to implement a video chat on Andriid.I have install Jingle Nodes and Jitsi Videobridge on my Openfire server and it is fine.I use my phone to test video chat and it’s ok.But it’s peer2peer, for some reason,i want server to relay the voice and video.

And i find it use ICE,so maybe i can change the order of candidate or remove all candidate except the candidate of relay.Is it right ?

And i don’t konw where to change the code?I find net.java.sip.communicator.impl.protocol.jabber.IceUdpTransportManager.java,but have no idea what to do.Or maybe i should change the code of jitsi_android?

best regards.

You code modify Jitsi videobridge to act as a relay, but why not use jingle nodes relay plugin that was designed for that purpose

I to be wrong.Just use jingle nodes relay plugin is ok.

best regards.