Can chat conversation archiving be disabled?

I see a lot of posts from people who are having difficulty purging archived chats from the system database. Is it possible to simply disable the archiving of conversations entirely with OpenFire?

Hi Eric,

I think what the problem might be is that there is some confusion over where messages/conversation history is stored. It seems that people think that the chat history they see on their desktop clients is coming from Openfire when in fact that information is stored locally on their machines.

By default Openfire does not archive messages but that functionality can by added by enabling the Message Audit Policy or added via the Monitoring plugin. But, even with that functionality enabled the data is still only accessible from the server and not from any client.

If users/organizations don’t want the messages to be stored then they shouldn’t enable the Message Audit Policy or add the Monitoring plugin to Openfire and disable the saving of messages on their users’ clients.

Hope that helps,


That is exactly what I needed to know. Does the user always have control over the client’s ability to save messages, or can that be set by an administrator when it is installed (with the setting unable to be changed?)



Depends on a client. Spark does let user to change history saving setting. And i don’t know about a client which won’t let user to change such setting. You can use a client, which doesn’t have history option at all. E.g. we are using old Exodus client on Windows machines, and its history option is broken, so there are no history saved.