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Can connect with Adium, but not with JSJaC

Have setup Openfire 3.8.2

Step #1

Created a user in Openfire admin.

Setup Adium (fork of Pidgin for the Mac) to connect as that user.

Tested. AOK!

Step #2

Setup Apache to use mod_proxy, so that :80/http-bind/ goes to 7070:/http-bind/

Tested using cURL as suggested here: http://frishit.com/tag/jsjac/

Tested. AOK!

Step #3

Installed JSJaC on the same webserver.

Opened the simpleclient example page.

Tested. Err - 401

That is, it connects fine, which we expected since the curl test worked.

But it does not accept the username/password over http-bind that it accepted over (whatever Adium uses).

I’ve switched the password to a simple test password, and verified that all is the same in JSJaC as it is in Adium.

The post being made JSJaC is:

<body rid='606081' sid='488b2b4c' xmlns='[http://jabber.org/protocol/httpbind](http://jabber.org/protocol/httpbind)' key='1c9ea3g5b0937c79c402e9fc6143bfc84e1b90ae'`` type='terminate'> </body>

Why is Openfire rejecting the login when being made from JSJaC, and how do I fix it?

After much work done by the excellent folks at JSJaC, the problem appears to be with OpenFire:

DIGEST-MD5 does NOT work on BOSH using OpenFire.

Can anyone explain how to fix this please