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Can GroupChat be abused for this ...?

Hi there,

I write an IM-application for a project-management-system. It has to group ALL project members by their projects, even if they are not logged in, e.g.:


-Employee1 (online)

-Employee4 (offline)

-Employee5 (offline)

-Employee7 (online)


-Employee1 (online)

-Employee2 (online)

-Employee5 (offline)

-Employee6 (online)

It has to be possible to post a message to ProjectX and that this message is delivered to ALL (offline members, when they go online) members. Of course private messages should also be supported.

Is it possible (a hint for a workaround would be very kind) to manage this with Smack? Smack might be the slightest problem. The server will have to be adjusted accordingly, I think. I use the server Iain Shigeoka introduced in chapter 8 of his book.

However, Smack is a very powerful client library, thx for releasing it as open-source!!!


I think that you could handle this with modifications to the server as well as a few tweaks to Smack. This isn’‘t standard XMPP, though, so you’'d have to make your own customizations.



thx, Matt

I thought that it would be like that. Very sad that it cannot be realized with standard XMMP.

Or, maybe it can:

If I use the “group” in the rosters to represent the projects, link that group to a “project-contact” and develop a “project-bot”-client to send all messages to all project-members?!

I hope that does it. Talking about such things always helps. thx again!


I think the easiest thing is to just do a custom packet extension. The XMPP protocol is meant to be extended easily and Smack provides easy support for custom packet extensions too. So, it would just be a matter of making server changes.