Can I limit broadcasting to certain users?

Broadcast messages are great. They’re a fantastic way to get a message out to everyone, quickly. However, much like a company’s phone-intercom system, I don’t think that broadcast capabilities are a good thing to give to every user (at least in my circumstance).

I would like to limit the ability to broadcast to a select group of people.

Is there a way of doing this?

Yes you can. The broadcast plugin readme page provides a good outline on how to do this.

In short, after successfully installing the broadcast plugin, you’ll need to set the ‘plugin.broadcast.allowedUsers’ server property to a comma delimited list of users who are allowed access. Each username should be the full JID (ex. There are a variety of server properties that pertain to broadcasting to groups so read about those on the readme page. You’ll need to restart Openfire in order for your changes to take effect if using an Openfire version prior to 3.6.0. Otherwise you’re changes will take place immediately once you save the property.

Thank you very much!