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Can I make moderators/admins for my Messenger console?

I’‘m playing with groups and I’‘m wondering how they are supposed to be administered. Is there any way to create new accounts that can log in to the admin console (:9090), to administer groups, without giving the admin account? If I try to log in with a bogus account the error reads like I should be able to do this, but there’'s nothing on the admin console for creating new admin accounts that I can find. Do I need to admin all the group memberships for all the groups on the server?

Also, when I create users for a group I can flag some of them as administrators. What does this mean? Can those users administer the group? How do they do that? Does it require a special client (I’'m using Gaim)?

It would be nice if the Messenger documentation was beefed up to describe these things :-/.

Right now, there’‘s no role-based administration in the admin console. That means that “group admins” really can’'t do anything. We would like to add permissions and role-based admin to a future release, though.




I need the same functionnality…

So, for now , I have to set up two servers to have two seperate administrations, I am right?

But I have only one machine, is it possible to set up two jive messenger on the the same server?

Thank you