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Can I Migrate Linux Wildfire to Windows Openfire?

I have a server that is running Linux Wildfire, and have been given the task of migrating it to Windows, the original person that set this up was let go, so I have no clue what to do.

First, is it possible?

Second, is there a process out there already for this?

Thank you.

Jon Anderson

PS. I have done extensive searching and reading on uprades, but none had info on migration across platforms.

I hope I am qualified to do this, but it’'s been at least 2 years since I have dealt in Unix, and I rarely have ever used Linux, I am an MSCE, and manage 100+ servers that are windows 2000/2003. PLEASE HELP, and bless you who do.

it should depend on the DB used. you could try to install on your windows server and then copy over a few folders from the linux server, probably the same folders you have to copy over for an upgrade.

an easy way to copy files and folders between windows and linux is using winscp http://winscp.net/eng/index.php

its free and works very well.

Many thanks for your suggestions, I am going to give them a try soon, will post results.

I migrated from LinuxMySQL to W2k3SQLServer last week. Our users and groups are stored in Active Directory, and I publish all the roster groups from the server. The only data from the database I wanted to keep was the roster data (since some people tend to rename the people in their roster from “Doe, John” to “Johnnie Boy!” or something).

Here’'s what I did:

  1. Use mysqldump to dump the MySQL db to a text file

  2. Copy the jiveRoster and jiveRosterGroups INSERT commands into a text editor and fix the table names for SQLServer (SQLServer uses [dbo].[blah].[blah])

  3. Run the INSERT commands in SQL2005 management tools

  4. Change my DNS pointer for jabber.example.com

I probably could have also copied the data for the offline messages table, but I didn’‘t. Don’'t know if that would be important to your organization.

Hi Jon,

the user export/import plugin should be the most easy solution if you only need to migrate the user and roster data.


Ok, it took me some time to actually get to this… I have successfully installed a new Openfire on a new server, but it failed when exporting/importing the users. Here’s what I did:

Starting in WildFire 3.0.1 using the import/export pluging version 2.0.4 (latest one available for WildFire), I exported to an xml file, then on Openfire 3.3.2 using the import/export version 2.2 (only one available), I imported that xml file using the domain change option (I also tried without domian change), and I receive this error message: “The import file does not match the user schema”

Please help



Hi Jon,

as I have no idea what changed in the XML format of the plugin you may try to start Openfire 3.3.2 and use the “Export” function (maybe you have only the “admin” account) and compare the XML of both files, maybe you need to change some fields. If you see no difference try to re-import what you did export, this should work without problems.

You could also post a user you did export with 3.0.1 (remove domain / password) if you see no difference.


Yes, I was able to import the data, but for some reason it duplicated all my users, I only see 57 as there should be, but when I log into Spark I see duplicates with the old domain and the new one, the new one is the only one that works… Right now its in a test environment, I would like to find a fast way of removing the duplicate users that show up in Spark. I used the domain change option, but it must not have worked. The issue with the xml not importing was due to the name Wildfire in the header and footer, changed it to openfire and I was able to import the user data.

Thanks for all the support!



Are you seeing true “duplicate” users or are there two users with the same name but different jids? i.e. Mark/mark@olddomain.com and Mark/mark@newdomain.com



that is correct, I am seeing two sets of jids, and it is due to the roster being copied and the domain portion of the list not being replaced, I went ahead and removed all the users, and edited the export xml file (using visual studio I was able to do a find and replace), and reimported them, the only work left is to place them back into their groups, but it has corrected the issue I was having.

I wish the export plugin could export group info too, but oh well.

Thank you, and hope to be back here soon as a help, not a need,