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Can I stop the use of Avatars in Spark

We have just started using Spark (1.0.4) and Wildfire (2.4.2).

Not sure whether this is a Spark or Wildfire question.

I there a way I can stop users of Spark from adding their own Avatar.

Just want to switch it off if I can

Hi ogri,

At this, there is now way to turn off the avatar setting. However, maybe someone in community will be willing to write that as a Sparkplug after the 1.1 “Developing Sparkplugins” guide and development environment for Spark is released.



Thanks for letting me know.

Any idea when the dev environment for Spark will be released?

Where can i find a list of available Avatars? or how how i make one?

Hi Thomas,

launch Spark, enter the menu Spark, Edit My Profile, Avatar, Browse and choose an image file which is stored on your disk. The file size, the width and height may be limited. There are no default avatars available.


I don’'t have any avitars, are they free on the web? Did some come with the Software? I have a Corp version that is lacking the extras man… can you share some with me? or send me a few links?

my e-mail ady is: project_nut @ comcast dot net




what about http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/avatar-settings.jspa ? These avatars should be © Jivesoftware so you must not copy them or use them as a public avatar unless you have the explicit permission of Jivesoftware, but using them on a private XMPP server should be - depending on local laws - not be a problem.

Taking a picture of you or your cat and use it as an avatar seems to be a much better to me.

There is a small company where each user did use a picture of a member of the Muppet Show as avatar, so also this is possible.


Thanks man!! Appreciate the help!!!