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Can I use only HTML and Jscript to send message?

Can I just use HTML and Jscript to send message to a Jive user?

Hey semico,

Smack supports url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0071.htmlXHTML-IM JEP[/url] which lets you send XHTML-IM in Message packets. That JEP clearly says that scripts are not allowed for security reasons. However, if you do want to send scripts then you can write your own extension or just send any text you want in the html but be very careful with the client that is going to receive the HTML since it may break the client. If the involved clients in the chat are going to be Smack then you can send any text in the html body.


– Gato

I think maybe you’'ve misundertand my means.

I wanna use a statice webpage to send message to the Jive user.

Just send texts not send script

Can you help me?


Sure you can use Smack in a web application. You will need to write a servlet that keeps track of the users, connections and send messages based on the content in the HTTP requests. For updating the web client you can have different techniques ranging from refreshing the html page every X seconds, doing some jscript pooling or just use an Ajax solution.

Other option for you would be to check the url=http://jwchat.sourceforge.net/JWChat /urlproduct which I think will satisfy your needs too.


– Gato

Actually, I wanna use ASP to send msg out. donnot need any interface, just use code to send out the msg. May I ?

I wanna send msg without login.

Sure you can. If you are just going to send messages and not receive any response then it’‘s even easier. Create a servlet that uses anonymous connections so no login is required. If the sender of the message is not important at all then you can keep a pool of anonymous connections so you don’'t have to create a new connection for each message.


– Gato

could you give me some example? I really donnot know how to do…

Thanks a lot!